Education -A Life Giving Mission

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven". (Mt5/16) Amala's vision of education is the same as that of Jesus'vision of a new society with the kingdom of God as its goal -a society in which "all might have life-life in its fullness," liberated from the shackles and bondage of ignorance and oppression. 

We are of deep conviction that we are called by God and empowered by Jesus to continue His life giving mission and our task is to make our educational institutions "Centers of Good news for all". To achieve this we have to begin with self-evangelization resulting in personal witnessing. 

Our educational ministry is spread in 04 states 09 dioceses and 17 schools.

Total number of sisters in the Apostolate of Education is 70.

Schools established and Managed by Amala Province, Bhopal

Name of the school

Year of establishment

Name of the education  Board

Date & year up to which the affiliation is valid

Present Status



No of sisters

Alphonsa school, Sawangi Wardha








St Francis Higher secondary school




Higher Secondary




Assisi School, Ghana ,Jabalpur


M.P Board of secondary education

29 Oct.2012
(Applied for renewal)





St Francis school, Sarni








Vision: Our schools aim at the formation of an integrated person with a mission of establishing the reign of God. The acceptance of the fatherhood of God and universal brotherhood is the motivation and goal of our education.

Mission: Trusting in the providence of God we instill in our students the gospel values of love truth, Justice, forgiveness, tolerance and concern for others and help them to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life and thereby become a channel of peace.

Objectives: Our schools aim at the total development of the student to discover his/her God-given potentials and talents-physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, psychological and emotional gifts to place him/her at the service of the society. It is concerned with forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. The principles of universal brotherhood necessitating the acceptance of God as the prime source of all shall become its internal motivation and final goal. Spiritual values are instilled into our students to help them develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life. It should enable the human person to contribute towards a harmonious world with values of justice, love, truth, tolerance, compassion and thereby becomes a channel of peace and joy to family, the nation and the world, It imparts an appreciation of the Indian heritage and enables the students to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society irrespective of faith, language, caste and the class and at the same time to remain open to positive elements of other cultures. We strive to reach out to the star of perfection through an earnest pursuit of excellence and our efforts blossom into 'service' through our creative and empathetic involvement in the society to transform it. Being inspired by St. Francis and St. Clare, the Founders of Franciscan Clarist Congregation, our Schools are pro-active to define and re-define its mission and strategies reading the signs of time.

Hostel for the Physically Challenged Children 

We have a hostel for the children who are mentally and physically challenged. They are admitted at a very young age and do their schooling staying with us. This is a collaborative work with diocese of Faridabad.

College of Nursing -St. Joseph's College of Nursing Hoshangabad, M.P

Amala Province has got a College of Nursing at Hoshangabad started in the year 2011. This college offers both BSc Nursing General Nursing program recognized by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. It trains good and committed Nurses. They are well trained in St. Joseph Hospital.

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