Evangelization and Faith

Children's Parliament

This is a program where children come together and have free interactions with sisters. Sisters go to their village and collect them together and educate them in all the ways to lead a healthy life. Health awareness, tuitions, catechism classes, competitions, seminars, summer camps, computer classes, Music classes etc are the means to impart knowledge and wisdom to our children especially to those in the backward areas.

Among Youth

Understanding the great need   of guiding the youth, sisters are engaged in different activities. We have formed youth groups in the villages and Panjayaths, in our Parishes and Dioceses, Schools and Nursing Schools and wherever we are working. They are given different programs and opportunities for exposures. Sisters are youth coordinators in different Parishes.


Vishwajyoti Ashram Bhandaria and Rani Maria Ashram Udainagar are the two Ashrams from where the Intercessory prayers are raised for the province as well as for the whole world. Also wherever possible Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is exposed till noon and Sisters spend their time in prayer.

Service in the Parishes

Come and rebuild my Church. Family is the grassroot level unit in the church. To strengthen the faithful, faith formation is a most important aspect. Understanding the needs of the time and knowing the importance of rebuilding the family in the modern world we are in the path of family apostolate. In all the parishes our sisters are active in liturgy, choir, catechism BCC prayers etc.


Our inspiration is Jesus the innocent Prisoner. Our well-motivated and committed sisters engaged in the field of Prison Ministry. Sr. Rose Mathew and Sr. Reena Jose are actively involved in it. Sr. Rose Mathew is the state Coordinator of Prison ministry in M.P. She visits many places along with her team and help the prisoners in many ways. Various programs are arranged for the betterment of the prisoners and their family members to bring hope in their life and to have the feeling of someone is with them in difficult situation


  1. Mother Marianna
  2. Sr.Starly
  3. Mother Johnet
  4. Sr. Gloria
  5. Sr. Bridget
  6. Sr. Assisi
  7. Sr. Lilly Rose
  8. Sr. Reena
  9. Sr.Tessy George
  10. Sr.Regin Maria
  11. Sr. Ansa
  12. Sr. Gius
  13. Sr. Wency
  14. Sr. Princy
  15. Sr. Kripa


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